Day 3 Questions

Virtual Shakespeare Challenge
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If you’re just joining the game, you can still receive points for previous days’ answers – plenty of time left to compete!

QUESTION 1 (1 Point): Find a Shakespeare meme.
BONUS CHALLENGE: MAKE a Shakespeare meme!

QUESTION 2 (2 Points): What is the correct quote, including Act and Scene, of our company’s namesake?

QUESTION 3 (2 Points): Which play and person are responsible for bird infestations in America?

QUESTION 4 (3 Points): What is your bodily function after chugging a beer during Twelfth Night?

Question 5 (4 Points): My buddy Falstaff got drunk and lost his wallet in a modern-day English pub yesterday. All he can remember is it had a pig-themed name and the parking lot nearby was closed for a Shakespeare-related excavation. What’s the name of that pub, and what character was responsible for the digging?

We welcome you to use the internet and any resources available. Only the first set of answers will be accepted for each team. Additional points will be awarded to the first three teams that answer each day of questions correctly. Bonus Challenge is optional and only scores points towards our Bonus Challenge Winner.