Day 5 Questions

Virtual Shakespeare Challenge
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If you’re just joining the game, you can still receive points for previous days’ answers – there’s still time left to jump in and win prizes!

QUESTION 1 (1 Point): A fair town near Pittsburgh where we lay our scene.

QUESTION 2 (2 Points): What Shakespearean play is read by the characters in the novel Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen?
BONUS CHALLENGE: Name your favorite Jane Austen novel and tell us why it’s your favorite, in iambic pentameter. You need at least a couplet…

QUESTION 3 (3 Points): Eight years before Shakespeare was born, his father John had what occupation?

QUESTION 4 (3 Points): What Act and Scene of a Shakespearean play does this scene reference?

QUESTION 5 (5 Points): What’s the first line of this sonnet?

We welcome you to use the internet and any resources available. Only the first set of answers will be accepted for each team. Additional points will be awarded to the first three teams that answer each day of questions correctly. Bonus Challenge is optional and only scores points towards our Bonus Challenge Winner.