Day 7 Questions

Virtual Shakespeare Challenge
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Day 7 questions are worth double points!

QUESTION 1 (2 point): The “Swords” used during Baz Luhrmann’s 1994 film of Romeo + Juliet.
Name another of Shakespeare’s plays you think should get the Baz Luhrmann treatment, and tell us why.

QUESTION 2 (4 points): The amount of Shakespeare’s plays with a King of France + plays that have a King Edward – plays that have a King of Fairies =
***A play or plays containing more than 1 of the mentioned kings counts as 1 play***

QUESTION 3 (6 points): Ariel, Miranda, and Prospero have left the globe to be closer to their friends Oberon, Titania, and Puck. They haven’t decided where to settle but figure they’ll just hang around for a while. What are they going around?

QUESTION 4 (10 Points): What color was Richard II’s horse?

QUESTION 5 (10 points): A famous literary character’s catchphrase is from Act III, Scene 1 of Henry V. If that fictional literary character got tired of reading the Bard and went out to the local pub, what was his nearest option?

We welcome you to use the internet and any resources available. Only the first set of answers will be accepted for each team. Additional points will be awarded to the first three teams that answer each day of questions correctly. Bonus Challenge is optional and only scores points towards our Bonus Challenge Winner.