Day 1 Questions

Virtual Shakespeare Challenge
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QUESTION  1 (4 points): What’s your team name, who is on your team, and what is the address of the team captain? (So we know where to send your prizes!)
You may add more team members later. Just let us know in your next answer email.

QUESTION 2 (1 point):
But soft, what light through fictional window breaks?
It may be false, but Juliet still gets mail.
What is this real-life location?

QUESTION 3 (1 point): Name five actors that have played Hamlet on film.
BONUS CHALLENGE: Rank the performances of the Hamlets you’ve listed above. Include reasons. Have fun.

QUESTION 4 (2 points): Word Association: Falstaff, American Football.

QUESTION 5 (3 points): Richard II was a hack… or at least he was hacked here… Just ask his III.

QUESTION 6 (4 points): Rank each of the following plays by how many times any character says the word “love,” from least to most uses: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Anthony & Cleopatra, As You Like It, Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet.

We welcome you to use the internet and any resources available. Only the first set of answers will be accepted for each team. Additional points will be awarded to the first three teams that answer each day of questions correctly. Bonus Challenge is optional and only scores points towards our Bonus Challenge Winner.